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Going beyond the firewall.

With major enterprises being hacked almost every day, your company's Cyber Security cannot be handled with a "set it and forget it" approach. Your security strategy must be assessed constantly as your IT infrastructure changes, to identify holes and address them before hackers crawl through.

Our Cyber Security expertise goes beyond the firewall to harden every aspect of your network, from hardware, to software and all connectivity points in-between. We offer comprehensive Enterprise Security audits and implementation encompassing the following:

    • Hardening of firewalls, IDS's, VPN's, remote access, antivirus and anti-spam, wireless networks, single sign-on, two-factor and centralized authentication
    • Security reviews, vulnerability assessments, penetration tests (i.e. pen-testing/ethical hacking, incl. web applications and wireless), wireless surveys
    • Assistance with PCI DSS (credit card) compliance, incl. pen-testing; assistance with SOX and Privacy compliance
    • Network and application security architecture design, implementation and review
    • Security investigations, forensics and audits
    • Threat/Risk&Privacy Impact Assessments(TRA/PIA);Disaster Recovery&Business Continuity Planning (DRP/BCP)
    • Security policy design and review; awareness programs and employee training
    • Security instruction and course development (Wireless, Web application, Pen-testing, Ethics and Professionalism, Cryptography, Computer crime, Business continuity, Privacy, etc.)
    • Securing e-commerce sites and payment processing systems
    • Assistance with monthly security operations and management

Contact us for a one-on-one consultation to radically improve your organization's security.

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Closed Circuit Mobile Application, Maintenance of Trucking System

Devterra enabled us to pinpoint and diagnose problems for each of the vehicles in our trucking fleet, resulting in less downtime and faster delivery to our customers.
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Cloud-Based Closed Circuit Mobile Application, Maintenance of Point of Sale System + IT Asset Management and Maintenance System

Devterra's point-of-sale system made our management of the process about 10 times more efficient.
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Cloud-Based Closed Circuit Mobile Application, Maintenance of Point of Sale System at Different Locations across all locations in the United States

The best part of working with Devterra was the guidance from transitioning from legacy tools to their dedicated customer success team.
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Secure Online Ordering Portal for B2B Transactions

Devterra transformed our B2B transactions portal for speed and quality.
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Job-Seeker Application, Joint Venture with Ministry of Labor, Government of Australia

Devterra's solution is more reliable and user-friendly than anything weíve put together internally.
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Cloud-Based Closed Circuit Mobile Application, fleet services application

We tested Devterra initially, and then decided to go 100% with their fleet services application. They were flexible and scaled up as we needed, it was tailored exactly to our needs and usage.
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Closed Circuit Mobile Application, Vehicle Statistics

With Devterra, I know itís just going to work and itís going to be fast.
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Subsidiary of Exxon Mobile - Stand-Alone Portal for Management and Maintenance of Gas Station Pumps across the country of Canada

Before Devterra, we would have to look at the pumps across the country and try to figure out management and maintenance based on average numbers. Now if thereís a failure, we see the data and exactly what the problem is right here. It helps greatly with fixing the problem faster and gives us invaluable real-time insight into how to mitigate our operational risk.
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Inventory Management System, Joint Venture with Superior Propane to manage gas levels across Canada

If we had to build out and maintain our own infrastructure for managing gas levels at all our locations at scale we would have lost valuable time.
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Developed asset management application / fleet services application as part of a joint venture

Devterra was an instant win right out of the box.
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Systems integration with accounting software. Maintain portals accessed by thousands of patients for reporting to the Food and Drug Administration. Website design and development.

Devterra proved themselves passionate about helping us realize our goals and our organization thrive.
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On-Demand IT Staffing and Management Resources

devterra is responsive, knowledgable, experienced, savvy, and is at the top of their game.
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Capture Project, Portal to Capture and Publish Cancer Research by Academics

Devterra is a day-to-day essential for our university. Of all the research database platforms available in our industry, Devterra's remains a favorite among our teams. From quick searches, to helping us identify the most strategic opportunities in research, the features are easy to use and intuitive. Their client reps are always available to us at a momentís notice, and a pleasure to work with.
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Cloud-Based Closed Circuit Mobile Application, Management and Maintenance of Point of Sale System

Devterra's client service is the best. They are willing to work with you no matter the issue at hand (even if it may be after business hours). Itís the people that really make these services worthwhile, and Devterra hires those who truly understand the needs and urgency of the IT Manager and client accounts.
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City and Visitors Bureau Guide

With Devterra, I get straightforward, high-quality capable developers without having to worry about some flashy infrastructure that is behind them. I feel like I have a real partner.
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Funded by Health Canada - Design and Develop Website

The Devterra team is always willing to go the extra mile for our team and our subsidiary branches. They frequently assist us with last minute requests and questions, helping us give the best possible user experience to our site visitors.
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Enable Government to Determine Individual Subsidy, Requirement Filter Application

Devtera has greatly simplified our subsidy processes. The platform allows us to quickly gauge the coverage based on individual criteria, locate any open requirements, expedite reports to staff and senior executives and delineate prominent themes and much more. Best of all it integrates a variety of filtering and reporting items into one central tool, which allows us to be more proactive and frees up time for other tasks.
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Mobile Application in iOS and Android for Vancouver residents to connect with local retailers

Click here to view the app in the Apple App Store.


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